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0 - 1 Km: The start is from the village green and then the run goes out of the village along Long Barn Road and down a hill. We have a temporary road closure in place to ensure your safety.  There is a short uphill before a left turn where the course goes between fields to the bottom of the village Byway.

1 - 2 Km: The run goes up the Byway which is compacted soil.  It starts off flat and becomes an uphill slope towards the top.  The surface can become a bit rutted at the top depending on the number of horses which have been over it in recent weeks.  The whole of the Byway is tree lined and crosses a stream at the bottom.  At the top the run turns right into Mount Pleasant Road and a gentle downward slope.

Please note: This first 2 Km is also the route of the Fun Run which sets off about 10 minutes after the 10k run.

2 - 3 Km: At the end of Mount Pleasant turn right into Scabharbour Road.  This starts with a gentle downhill slope and after about 300m there is a short upward hill.  After that it's either flat or a gentle downhill slope.

3 - 4Km: After the 3Km marker the run continues flat or with very gentle slopes.  You pass the fields of Westwood Farm which could either be growing wheat or have cows grazing in them, look out for the large scarecrow.  On the left are more fields and Gaza Trading Estate, home to some of our sponsors.

4 - 5Km: At 4Km there is a downhill section before turning left into Philpotts Lane.  At the turn it becomes a gentle uphill slope between fields of corn.  The road turns right at the top of the slope and there is then a gentle downhill to the water station, please stay on the lefthand side of the road.

5 - 6Km: From the water station the course continues along Philpotts Lane and then turns left into Eggpie Lane.  Here you cross a stream and then the road starts an upward slope through to 6Km.

6Km - 7Km: After crossing another stream the road continues between houses and fields, shaded by trees on an uphill slope to 7Km.

7Km - 8Km: At 7Km the slope is getting a bit steeper as the road turns right back into Scabharbour Road.  The uphill continues to the brow of the hill and then there is a short downhill before the course flattens out.  At Mount Pleasant Road turn left and the 8Km marker is almost immediately round the corner.

8Km - 9Km: Return down the Byway which you came up just a short time ago!  This is a lovely downhill/flat cruise through the trees.  The only thing to watch out for is any straggling Fun Runners who will be about half way through their run - do give them a cheer!

9Km - 10Km: The last Km is the toughest of the run I'm afraid.  At the bottom of the Byway turn right and the uphill slope takes you to the bottom of Long Barn Road.  At this point there is a short/sharp hill (advice from the locals - stay on the right side of the road where the gradient is a bit kinder,  if you are a 55min 10k runner this short/sharp hill will take you about 1min 45secs) before the final run back to the Village Green and the finish.  

At the finish collect your medal and maybe have something to eat and drink from one of the stalls.  If you've won one of the many prizes we will be awarding them at about 12noon.